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Brands. Universities. Anyone. We’ve made creating digital assets simple with blockchain solutions that allow you to control your contract terms, collaborate with partners, and track your assets on secondary markets. Your fans don’t need to buy crypto.

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No crypto required, ever. Yes, you heard that right. You can use your credit card, whatever suits you. Buy the way you want to buy. 

We've created a simple and secure buying and selling process for people from all experience levels. NFTs are here to stay, and with Beasy, you can get started with ease and be confident you are leveraging a best in class platform.

Get started today and join the revolution. 
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"BEASY's mission is to make blockchain easy, whether that means enabling individuals to seamlessly create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or enabling businesses to establish and manage key business initiatives in a blockchain environment, BEASY’s value proposition is unparalleled."
John Nance,
CEO, Deal Box
"BEASY technology provides a turnkey business management platform to enable professional and college athletes to create, issue and manage NFTs."
Richard Johnson,
Texture Capital
"Through BEASY’s solution, our customers can use their existing Tykes to jumpstart new revenue streams while also learning about blockchain, NIL, and NFTs in a way that’s already aligned with how they recruit and operate today."
Jason Woullard,
CEO and Founder of Tykes, Inc.
“I believe this company will have the most impact in the sports metaverse.”
Andrew Petcash
The Petcash Post
"We’ve been talking with everyone who’s anyone at the intersection of blockchain and entertainment, and while solutions have advanced, BEASY stands out as our winner."
Byron Booker
Chairman, Recording Artists Guild

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Create with ease

Making art, music, or memorable moments IRL is the hard part: Turning them into digital assets shouldn’t be. BEASY lets anyone securely mint NFTs in just a few clicks.


Control your contract terms

NFTs are minted with smart contracts, and BEASY’s platform gives creators more control over their contracts than any other platform. Create and sell assets with terms you choose.

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Track assets across markets

BEASY is your one-stop-shop to track your assets across marketplaces that supports secondary market tracking—meaning you can be confident your rights and royalties will be honored anywhere your assets go.


Protect your digital
property rights

Our smart contact control and secondary market tracking combine to make BEASY the ultimate rights management platform for individuals and organizations.

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Share revenue and ownership data of your intellectual property with trusted partners and collaborators.

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Buy & sell conveniently
-- no crypto required

Our eCommerce integrations mean anyone with a credit card can buy your digital assets. BEASY gives fans and collectors frictionless access to whatever you make.



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About Us

In the last few years, blockchain technology has made digital ownership a reality—creating a brand new world of artistic and commercial possibilities in the process. Our mission is to give individuals and organizations the tools to participate in this exciting new economy.

BEASY is a platform-agnostic technology solution that allows anyone to develop, mint, sell and manage non-fungible tokens (NFTs) directly from their website, Shopify or across popular marketplaces. For athletes, entertainers, artists and social media influencers, BEASY’s built-in smart contract capabilities help streamline multi-party consensus and digital rights management, and makes it easy for fans and collectors to acquire and trade NFTs with fiat (cash) or cryptocurrency. BEASY’s on-demand Forge and Wallet platform-as-a-service is leveraged by businesses and brands looking to deploy a turnkey NFT infrastructure.