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Why We're Here

In the last few years, blockchain technology has made digital ownership a reality—creating a brand new world of artistic and commercial possibilities in the process. Our mission is to give individuals and organizations the tools to participate in this exciting new economy.

BEASY is short for “Blockchain Made Easy,” and that’s why we’re here: to make the benefits of blockchain technology simple to understand and easy to access.



Bob Kramich

Founder & CEO

Bob is an MIT Sloan- certified blockchain professional with 30-years of experience. Conceived and delivered Salesforce’s first blockchain app store application as well as retail giant Overstock’s first customer-facing Applied Intelligence (AI) Omnibot solution.

David Kaupp

David Kaupp

Chief Marketing Officer

David is an MIT Sloan-certified blockchain professional with over 30-years experience leading corporate and product marketing for SAAS & emerging tech firms. A former agency owner experienced with B2B and B2C brands including New Balance, Converge, Aveksa-RSA, Harte-Hanks, Jenzabar, and Xeros Technology Group.