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3 min read

If you think PFPs are just HYPE you’re missing the point

PFPs or “Profile Picture” NFT art is the art of community. Regardless of whatever fiat valuation PFP NFTs have on any particular day or any...

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Texture Capital Interview with Beasy CEO Bob Kramich

1 min read

COSIMO Ventures Leads Seed Round Investment in Blockchain Experts BEASY

COSIMO Ventures, a VC firm focused on blockchain opportunities, recently announced they became a lead investor in BEASY, a platform-agnostic...
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2 min read

Deal Box Announces Blockchain Made Easy LLC (“BEASY”) Closes Bridge Offering and Further Advisory Support as BEASY Commences Follow-On Round

New York, NY – August 30, 2021 – Deal Box, Inc. (“Deal Box” or the “Company”) today announced that Blockchain Made Easy LLC, a...

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